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Urban Centre and Township Projects

We develop master plans and precinct level urban design guidelines to coordinate and guide the use, development and protection of land in the Adelaide Hills.

Urban Centre and Township Masterplans

Urban Centres and Township Masterplans are periodically developed with the community to provide a long term vision for our urban centres and townships.

What is a Masterplan?

An urban centre or township masterplan is a plan showing the potential future land use patterns and layout of a project area.

They aim to articulate a clear and unique vision and identify key objectives and priorities across a number of themes to ensure that our urban areas and townships continue to develop as highly desirable places to live, visit and do business.

Masterplans have been undertaken for the following Townships:

Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines are periodically developed with the community to articulate appropriate form and design responses at the precinct level, for example within a village main street setting or similar.

What is a Design Guideline?

Design guidelines are another planning tool used to guide development in the private and public realm to ensure it responds appropriately to the unique local setting and context whilst promoting a distinctive identity by responding to the existing character of a locality.

They aim to strike a balance between built form, infrastructure and public realm outcomes.

Design Guidelines have been undertaken for the following precincts:

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