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Supporting the Riverland community

With waters rising along the Murray River Adelaide Hills Council offers support to other Councils in the Riverland

Pump pushing water out into the River Murray in Mannum

Supporting the Riverland community

In years gone by, other Councils have generously offered support to the Adelaide Hills Council in response to bushfires that have impacted our region. Now it’s our turn to lend a hand.

We are proud to support our colleagues in the Riverland by providing assistance to manage the impacts from high flow water volumes through the River Murray as a result of recent flooding in the eastern states of Australia.

Council has activated its emergency management arrangements, including the establishment of its Incident Management Team. When calls for assistance are received by Adelaide Hills Council the Incident Management Team consider the request and provide the support if safe and able to do so.

Over the past few weeks, Adelaide Hills Council Staff and utilities have been deployed to the Riverland to support in managing stormwater impacts that have arisen from the high-water levels in the River Murray.

This support provides relief to staff at Councils in the affected region who have been working tirelessly to protect their townships and surrounding areas.

Adelaide Hills Council will continue to assist for as long a support is required, which is anticipated to be mid to late January 2023.

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