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DeerScan: A vital tool for feral deer management in the Hills

DeerScan is a free platform that allows people to report feral deer sightings or activity and help protect our delicate environment.

Feral deer in the Adelaide Hills

DeerScan: A vital tool for feral deer management in the Hills

In the beautiful landscape of the Adelaide Hills, a growing challenge is silently making its presence felt—the increasing population of feral deer.

To address this issue, the Adelaide Hills Council encourages people to actively participate in feral deer management by using the DeerScan reporting app.

DeerScan is a free platform to report feral deer sightings or activity, contributing to a better understanding of feral deer distribution in the region. Make reports online or via the app.

Why feral deer management matters in peri-urban areas:

  1. Nationwide Impact: With 1-2 million feral deer in Australia, the impact on towns and cities is escalating annually. The Adelaide Hills are no exception, facing the challenges posed by these invasive creatures.
  2. Growing Numbers in South Australia: A concerning estimate of 40,000 feral deer in South Australia signifies the urgency to address and manage their presence.
  3. Peri-Urban Invasion: Approximately 2,000 feral deer are encroaching on the peri-urban areas surrounding Adelaide. The proximity to urban spaces raises the stakes in effective management.
  4. Declaration for Destruction: Recognising the severity of the issue, feral deer have been declared for destruction in South Australia, highlighting the need for a proactive approach.
  5. State Strategy for Eradication: A new state strategy aims to eradicate deer within the next decade. The success of this strategy relies on the active participation of the community.
  6. Annual Population Reduction Targets: To curb the feral deer population's long-term impact, 35 to 50% of the population must be removed annually. This targeted approach is essential for minimizing both populations and associated impacts.
  7. Urban Encroachment: Feral deer are boldly venturing into urban streets, major roads, and public spaces, causing environmental, social, and economic consequences. Managing feral deer in urban areas becomes increasingly expensive, making early intervention crucial.

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The Adelaide Hills Council recognizes the significance of addressing the feral deer challenge in peri-urban areas. By promoting the use of DeerScan and encouraging community participation, we can contribute to a more effective and comprehensive feral deer management strategy.

Stay informed, take action, and join us in safeguarding the natural beauty of the Adelaide Hills. Together, let's make a positive impact in managing feral deer and ensuring the resilience of our communities.

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