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Fringe subsidy for Adelaide Hills artists

Artist registrations for Adelaide Fringe 2023 are open! Adelaide Hills Council is offering registration subsidies for the first 20 artists to apply.

Crowd at Stirling Fringe

Fringe subsidy for Adelaide Hills artists

Adelaide Fringe 2023 is just around the corner and artist registrations are open! This year, Adelaide Hills Council is offering a registration subsidy of up to $150 for the first 20 artists that apply.

The subsidy recognises the lasting impact of the pandemic on the Arts community and the importance of the Arts in promoting community connection and wellbeing.

This subsidy is for artists registering to perform in the Adelaide Fringe Festival and one subsidy payment per artist is available. To be eligible for the subsidy artists must live in the Adelaide Hills Council area or be delivering a performance or event at a venue within the Adelaide Hills Council area. See map below for Council area.

If you perform at regular Sunday sessions, food & wine experiences or work with local venues already, then why not consider making these events into a registered Fringe event during the festival season?

How to apply

Step 1:

Complete the Adelaide Fringe Registration form online.

Step 2:

Once registered with Adelaide Fringe, fill out the 2023 Fringe Subsidy application form below and return the completed form to Lynne Griffiths, AHC Community and Cultural Development Officer via the contact details below.

*For artists who have already registered, please provide a copy of the Fringe registration receipt with your subsidy application.

Fringe event registration graphic

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