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Nominate your Hills and Fleurieu Treasure now

This year, take the opportunity to recognise an older person in your life by nominating them as an official Hills and Fleurieu Treasure.

Grandchildren in the kitchen with their grandparents

Nominate your Hills and Fleurieu Treasure now

Hills and Fleurieu Treasures are residents of the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu regions (Adelaide Hills, Alexandrina, or Mount Barker District Council areas), aged 65 or over, who you treasure.

We all know that some of the most enduring impacts on our lives may be small, and we don’t want those to go without recognition.

It could be someone who bakes great biscuits, who helps in the garden, or even just someone who shows kindness.

Nominate your Hills and Fleurieu Treasure and they will receive an official certificate of recognition, and an invitation to a celebratory morning tea with you on Friday 5 May in Hahndorf.

Hills Treasures is a collaborative initiative of the Adelaide Hills, Alexandrina, and Mount Barker District Councils.

For more information, please see contact Julie Wilhelm on 0438 414 363.

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