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Saving our riverbanks from illegal prospecting

Due to an increase in gold panning and prospecting in Council waterways, Council reminds the public that prospecting on Council land is prohibited and penalties apply.

Gold panning and prospecting in a river

Saving our riverbanks from illegal prospecting

While gold panning and prospecting has been an enjoyable outdoor activity for many over the years, the activity has recently been taken to the next level by a few people.

Powered machinery and floodlights have been used at night to dig into river banks, and significant damage has been caused, particularly to Cox Creek in Bridgewater.

This activity has a large impact on the ecology of the area, including water flow and quality, and impacts on the aquatic fauna.

Under the Landscape SA Act 2019, Council is responsible for the protection and maintenance of the watercourses on Council land. Additionally, under the Adelaide Hills Council Bylaw 3 (Section 9.25) ‘Interference with Land’ activities carry a penalty.

Council is therefore obligated to apply penalties to anyone found gold panning or prospecting on Council land.

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