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Tree impact and recovery following the Stirling Village Mall fire

Council has taken swift action to assess and treat the trees impacted by the Stirling Village Mall fire, which are now showing signs of recovery.

Stirling Village Mall Fire Tree Management

Tree impact and recovery following the Stirling Village Mall fire

In the aftermath of the recent fire at the Stirling Village Mall, the trees lining both the southern and northern sides of Mount Barker Road are displaying significant leaf wilt due to the radiant heat and smoke generated by the fire.

Notably, mature Pin Oaks within the Stirling Library lawns have also suffered considerable impacts.

Council staff are actively engaged in assessing the extent of the damage to tree health and are set to implement various treatments aimed at improving growing conditions. Among the measures planned are an intensified watering regime and soil improvement initiatives.

Despite the challenges, there is a silver lining. The current season is conducive to new leaf formation, offering a promising opportunity for regeneration.

Already, the affected trees are exhibiting signs of recovery, with new foliage emerging. This positive development is expected to mitigate the overall impact on tree health, compensating for the loss of leaf surface area and the associated reduction in energy generation.

In addition to the trees, garden beds with affected plants are receiving extra attention. Additional fertilizers and increased watering are being provided to enhance their condition. Both trees and garden beds will undergo close monitoring in the weeks to come, ensuring a comprehensive recovery plan for the affected flora.

For further information on the Stirling Village Mall fire go to Stirling Village Mall Fire Recovery • Adelaide Hills Council (

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