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Woodside Warriors kicking goals for inclusive game

Woodside Warriors host their first Inclusive Soccer Gala Day tailored to people living with disability.

Two men high five during soccer gala

Woodside Warriors kicking goals for inclusive game

It's the most popular game in the world and known for bringing people together. This rings true for the Woodside Warriors Soccer Club who are keen to welcome anyone who wants to play soccer in their community, including people living with disability.

Recognising that not all community groups have equal access to mainstream sports, the Woodside Warriors teamed up with One Culture Support Services and Adelaide Hills Council to deliver the first Inclusive Soccer Gala Day on Saturday 25 March.

The day provided a supportive and inclusive environment for participants to try fun soccer activities and experience the joy of the beautiful game.

"It's been wonderful to see the Woodside Warriors and One Culture Support Services come together for such a successful Gala Day," said Josh Spier, Adelaide Hills Council Community and Social Planning Officer.

“An inclusive community is one in which every person can participate in local club sports and their broader community. Council is proud to support initiatives like these that create more adaptive opportunities for people with disability to not only enjoy sport at the club level, but to build friendships with others in their community”

One Culture and Woodside Warriors Soccer Club will partner again to provide another free Inclusive Gala Day in May, so if you or someone you know, want to give it a go please contact the Woodside Warriors Soccer Club, One Culture Support Services or the Adelaide Hills Council.

*Photograph of Adam and Doni enjoying the soccer gala taken by Bryn Williams

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