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Birdwood Avenue of Honour

The Avenue of Honour in Birdwood was once lined with more than 100 Claret Ash Trees which served as a memorial to the pioneering Birdwood residents.

In 1936 more than 100 Claret Ash trees were planted on William Street, Birdwood, as an 'Avenue of Honour' for pioneering Birdwood residents.

After 77 years the trees were removed for safety concerns but now a memorial to this history has been dedicated to remember the Avenue of Honour and the community spirit it embodied.

The memorial bench is located on the corner of William and Bleeze Streets in Birdwood.

The Avenue of Honour

​Mr G.H. Rathjen snr
Mrs G.H. Rathjen snr
Reverend A. Hensel
Mrs A. Hensel
Mr & Mrs A. Neumann snr
Reverend H. Harms
Mr Heuzenroeder
Mrs Heuzenroeder
Mr & Mrs J. Foote
Mr T. Pflaum
Mrs T. Pflaum
Mrs J.A. Pontt
Mr J.A. Pontt
Mr M. McCormick
Mrs M. McCormick
Mr P. Hynes
Mrs P. Hynes
Dr T. Hynes
Mr D. Hynes
Miss C. Hynes
Mr D. Haveker
Mrs D. Haveker
Mr H. Wurm
Mr & Mrs H. Dienelt
Mr & Mrs C. Dienelt
Mr & Mrs Klose snr
Mr Crane
Mrs Crane
Mr A.C. Mueller
Mr T. Lloyd
Mrs T. Lloyd
Mr & Mrs Harrison
Mr & Mrs M. Kain
Mr & Mrs J. Hunter
Mr J.W. Neumann
Mrs C. Sturm & Mrs J. Williams
Mr J. Clausen
Mr G.L. Hensel
​Mr E.A. Theil
Mr A. Neumann
Mr & Mrs H. Kretschmer
Mr E. Reschke
Father Ryan
Mr J.H. Foote
Mr W.J. Foote
Mr O. Foote
Mr R. Stoodley
Mrs R. Stoodley
Mr G.L. Leske
Mrs G.L. Leske
Mr H. Klose
Mrs H. Klose
Mr H. Kluge
Mrs H. Kluge
Mr A. Polden
Miss Lena Rathjen
Mr J.H. Ralph
Mr R. Pike
Mr J. Hoffmann
Mr P. Maloney
Mrs P. Maloney
Mrs W. Hoffmann
Mrs E.L. Grundy
Miss Lulu Pflaum
Mr Len Stephens
Miss Flo Hensel
Mrs E. Hensel
Mr O’Kely
Mr T. Klose
Mr J. Bleeze
Mr J. Best
Mr Howard
Mr W. Wegener
Mr & Mrs A.J. Mueller
Mr & Mrs Oscar Van der Molen
Mrs J.E. Hannaford
Mr Aug. Zadow
Mrs J. McGough
Mrs Daisy Williams
Mr E. St. George
Mr & Mrs Loechel
​Mrs W. Bartsch
Herbert Lloyd
Alwin Ramm
Ray Shepherdson
Hilda Edwards
Freda Stott
Edwin Jenkins
Rita Mueller
Marjorie Hensel
Ray Howard
E. Gladigau
Edwin Mueller
Mr & Mrs Prueter
Mrs Dora George
Mr & Mrs G. Promnitz
Mr & Mrs Mueller
Mr & Mrs Gutschke
Mr J. Wegener
Mr & Mrs J.G. Hoffman
Mr G. Schneider

WWI deceased servicemen
Theo Pflaum
Ray Pflaum
Fred Jeffery
Murray McGough
Walter McGough
Tom Canstable
John Brenka

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