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Information for farmers on how to prepare, stay safe and recover after a bushfire, emergency or natural disaster.

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This page includes information about bushfires. If you find this upsetting and need support, contact LIFELINE at 13 11 14. In an emergency, always call 000 for medical help.

Preparation and recovery from bushfires and disasters for farmers

Information to help farmers prepare for bushfires and other emergencies. While it focuses on bushfires, it also covers natural disasters like storms and floods, providing the knowledge to stay safe and be prepared.


If you operate a farm in a high-risk bushfire area like the Adelaide Hills, being prepared for an emergency is crucial. Being ready helps you make smart decisions when faced with danger. Every step you take to prepare can keep you, your workers, and your animals safe.

Prepare a written plan

Preparing a written plan can save lives.

Written plans reduce stress and ensure everyone knows what to do during an emergency. Include employees and neighbors in your planning. If a bushfire impacts you, it will likely affect them too.

Build strong relationships with nearby farms, properties, and local authorities. Connected communities are more resilient.

Keep your plan accessible, and consider placing a one-page summary by the evacuation doors.

Prepare your property and animals

Resources to help prepare your property and animals.

Prepare by knowing bushfire safe places

Ensure you and your employees know a safe place to go if there is a bushfire.

Prepare with climate knowledge

Keep informed with tailored insights on climate change in your area.

Prepare yourself and employees mentally

Being mentally ready is an important step in preparing your business for a disaster.

Research shows that people are more likely to follow a plan if they are mentally prepared for a natural disaster. Managing emotions during an emergency can save lives.

The Australian Psychological Society has helpful information on how to mentally prepare for natural disasters.


Resilience is the ability to handle and adapt to adversity, stress, and disruptions, like natural disasters. Every business is unique, so there is no global approach to building resilience.

Knowing potential disruptions helps you prevent and recover from them.

Resilience for your farm

Free resources and tools to build a resilient farm.

Resilient connections

Connected communities are resilient communities.

Build relationships with other farms, businesses, neighbours, and local authorities now to be better prepared for disasters.

Rural industry groups in the Adelaide Hills have many business associations and networks. These groups expand your connections and provide support. Find the ones that work best for you and your business.


Recovery can take a long time and involves all aspects of your rural property or business, including family, employees, buildings, and equipment.

We have compiled helpful resources to assist you below.

Recovery support

Free resources for farming recovery and support.

Recovery mental health support

Economic, climate, and social pressures can impact farming families' wellbeing and mental health.

Help is available via the resources below.

These useful tips have been gathered from experts online to protect you, your family, your home, and your pets. We acknowledge the time, skill and research these organisations have invested.

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