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Disability Inclusive Emergency Planning

Disability-inclusive emergency planning is about making sure the strategies and responses in place consider and cater to your specific needs, allowing you to navigate emergencies effectively and safely.

What is disability inclusive emergency planning?

Disability-inclusive emergency planning refers to the development and implementation of emergency preparedness and response strategies that take into account the specific needs and considerations of individuals with disabilities. The goal is to ensure that emergency plans and procedures are accessible, accommodating, and considerate of the diverse needs of people with disabilities, allowing them to effectively and safely navigate emergency situations.

Disability Inclusive Emergency Planning Project

The Adelaide Hills Council (AHC) Community Resilience team are leading a Person-Centred Emergency Planning (P-CEP) project, Disability Inclusive Emergency Planning project.

The aim of the project is ‘for people with disability, and service providers, to have greater awareness and to build opportunity and support for people with disability to complete the P-CEP Toolkit.’

The P-CEP Toolkit is part of a growing suite of resources developed to enable people with disability to make emergency preparedness plans that are tailored to their individual support needs. Person-centred approaches place people and their needs at the centre of responsive disaster management and position them as the main agents of development and change.

The project focuses on education, awareness raising, capacity building, advocacy, sustainability, and encompasses a range of components that target different levels of community engagement.

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