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Ordinary & Special Council Agendas & Minutes


Due to COVID-19 restrictions for public gatherings, Council Meetings will be conducted virtually as a Zoom webinar, as is now legally possible following recent variations to the Local Government Act 1999 and Regulations.

The Council Meeting Webinar will be accessible to the public from 6.20pm on the day of the meeting for a 6.30pm commencement. There will be no public access to the Council Chambers.

Please click the link to join the 26 May 2020 webinar -

Password –  There is no password required to join this meeting

Please note:

  1. You are required to provide a name and email address to join the public meeting as an attendee. If you have not previously used Zoom you may be asked to 'join from the browser' or to 'download the software', this is at your own risk and Adelaide Hills Council does not accept any responsibility arising from this decision.
  2. You will be able to see and hear all of the Council Members and Officers participating in the meeting however will not be able to interact with them as no visual or audio feed from the public will be admitting to the meeting.
  3. The webinar will open to the public at 6.20pm for a 6.30pm start.  If you attempt to join before 6.20pm, you will be advised to wait for the meeting to be broadcast. Your connection will appear as pending and you will be connected once the meeting opens for broadcasting.
  4. You can join and leave the webinar at any time
  5. If Council needs to discuss a confidential item, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1999, your access to the meeting will be disconnected.

Should you have any questions, please contact or call 8408 0400 .


Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month unless advised. Meetings for 2020 will start at 6.30pm and be held in the Zoom virtual meeting room (unless otherwise advised in the Agenda). Details of the link for the virtual meeting room will be placed on this webpage leading up to each meeting

Schedule of Ordinary Council meetings

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
CEO Corporate Updates

Schedule of Ordinary Council meetings




​28 January 2020
​27 January 2021 (Wed)​25 January 2022
​​25 February 2020​​23 February 2021
​22 February 2022
​24 March 2020

​23 March 2021

​​22 March 2022

​28 April 2020

​27 April 2021

​​26 April 2022

​26 May 2020

​​25 May 2021

​24 May 2022

​23 June 2020

​22 June 2021

​​24 June 2022

​28 July 2020

​27 July 2021

​26 July 2022

​25 August 2020

​​24 August 2021

​​23 August 2022

​​22 September 2020

​28 September 2021

​27 September 2022

​27 October 2020

​26 October 2021

​25 October 2022

​24 November 2020

​23 November 2021

2022 Council Elections

​​15 December 2020

​14 December 2021

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Click through below for agendas and minutes of Ordinary Council Meetings. Agendas are typically available four days prior to a meeting, with minutes being uploaded as soon as practical after the meeting date.

​A summary of topics in the agenda. Good for getting an overview and determining if there's something being discussed that is of interest to you.
​A large document containing all reports and appendices to be discussed at the Council meeting. We recommend browsing the Council Order of Business before downloading this file.
​An overview of all decisions made at the Council Meeting.
​Council Order of Business - 26 May 2020Council Agenda - 26 May 2020​Council Minutes - 26 May 2020
Special Council Order of Business - 12 May 2020Special Council Agenda - 12 May 2020Special Council Minutes - 12 May 2020
Council Order of Business - 28 April​Council Agenda - 28 April 2020​Council Minutes - 28 April 2020
​Council Order of Business - 21 April​Council Agenda - 21 April 2020 (Special)Council Minutes - 21 April 2020 (Special)
Council Order of Business - 24 MarchCouncil Agenda - 24 March 2020​Council Minutes - 24 March 2020
Council Order of Business - 25 FebruaryCouncil Agenda - 25 February 2020Council Minutes - 25 February 2020
Council Order of Business - 28 January
Council Agenda - 28 January Council Minutes - 28 January 2020

Click here for archived agendas and minutes

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CEO Corporate Updates
At each Ordinary Council meeting, the Chief Executive Officer provides a brief corporate update.


​Corporate Update - 26 May 2020
​Corporate Update - 28 April 2020
​Corporate Update - 24 March 2020
​Corporate Update - 25 February 2020
Corporate Update - 28 January 2020

Click here for archived updates

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